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Arts United is a ambitious game art studio located in Shanghai, China. Our strengths are focused around all areas of high quality art outsourcing and co-development, and we have already worked on a number of high profile titles.


The studio was founded in 2012 by industry veterans from China with a shared passion for games, digital art and creating strong, captivating experiences. The team is a good mix of industry veterans and young, up and coming artists all with the common goal of creating top quality content.


We believe that to create great art, first you need to create a good context for it to happen, so our company goals revolve around transparency and fair rewards of the work being produced. Everyone in the team strives for the highest quality and is rewarded accordingly. There is no room for mediocrity in Arts United.


Arts United is a studio comprised of talented and experienced artists. Producing concepts, props, weapons, vehicles and even full levels on many successful AAA titles. We offer 2 forms of development asset and co-development.




A focused development of individual assets organized and directed on your requirements




A partnership between studios where we are utilized to develop the concepts, jobsheet, asset creation and level assembly of a portion of your product.


THE Arts United TEAM

We firmly believe that in any company, success and failure is completely defined by the talent and passion of each and every individual that contributes. That is why we primarily hire junior level talent and train them personally from our team of experienced senior level artists and directors.

We invest our time and money in making sure each and every team member is not a factory worker that is only interested in money but instead a well-trained and versatile artist. This way we our clients can expect us to have the ability to pivot, adapt and evolve from project to project.

We also want to work with free thinkers and foster an environment of creativity and cooperation. As the entire management team consists of artists, we understand the most ideal way to promote these positive attitudes and how it translates to our successful partnerships.


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