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Asset Creation

We invest time making sure first and foremost our Art director and lead artists understand the details, techniques and technical constraints that our clients have. Weapons, vehicles, interiors, exteriors, realistic, high end, our artists have extensive experience in all types and styles of 3D art.


Usually detailed specifications of 3D assets are delivered from the client but combined with our in-house concept artists and extended quality assurance we can take further responsibility for tasks to cut down on the clients’ overhead in preproduction and quality assessment.


Our project managers, directors and leads continuously communicate utilizing industry standard tools for real time progress and Q and A. Our leadership group is dedicated to being transparent, so that throughout production our clients will find it simple to exchange feedback and communicate.


Our team of artists, directors and project managers have such a wide range of experience that doesn’t start and stop at asset creation. These skills and experiences have successfully contributed to the co-development of multiple AAA releases over the past several years.


Co-Development leverages this experience and allows our team to develop our own references, asset creation and level assembly. This generally is directed at multiplayer maps, full levels and additional downloadable content. Arts United takes on the responsibility for the development of the art at a fraction of the needed support from the client.

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