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We are looking for talents

We are looking for ambitious and driven game developers that want to compete with the best teams in the world to deliver high end quality computer games to the international market.

A passion for computer games is central as we expect all team members to contribute actively to the game's quality.

Being a good team player is something we greatly value. Good synergy and mutual respect in the team makes for a better workplace and leads to better games.

Good communication skills are a big plus as we you will be working closely with our clients and team members.

We are always looking for motivated and ambitious game makers and developers. We cooperate with the world's top game development companies to continuously deliver high-quality game products to the international market.

We have always valued our employees' enthusiasm for stand-alone games, because we believe that with enthusiasm, we can focus more on game quality.

In addition, we also appreciate members who have a high degree of team spirit. Good cooperation and mutual respect between teams are the cornerstones of creating a better working environment and developing better games.

Good communication and collaboration skills are an important plus because we value teamwork, which is what we are based on.

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