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As a senior animator you will be responsible for one or several key areas of the game’s animation tasks, working directly with the creative director, game and level design department and technical staff to ensure a coherent direction and highest possible quality.

You are expected to have good understanding of all areas of game animation production, from base locomotion, NPC acts to hero controls and features, cinematic animation and facial animation.

Technically you are expected to be able to work within the animation networks that are designed for the game and be a part of designing them for the best possible animation quality.

You are also expected to be able to take responsibility for motion capture planning and shooting, and experience with directing actors is a plus.

Also, you can expect to be working with key-frame animation as well, especially for hero locomotion.

Since you will most likely be leading a team of animators, you are expected to have good leadership skills, be able to give constructive feedback to the animation team and also be an adequate performer yourself, to be able to express your ideas easily to the team .

Our studio’s principal direction is within realistic, believable human animation, so animators with this background will be our primary choice.

Senior animator

As a Senior Animator, you will be responsible for animation tasks in one or more key areas of the game, working directly with the Creative Director, Game/Level Design, and Technical Staff to ensure high quality.

You need to have a good understanding and grasp of animation in all areas of the game, including basic movements, NPC triggered actions and other cinematic animations, facial animations.

You need to be able to work with the animation team to design and produce great animation effects.

You need to be responsible for the planning and shooting of motion capture. Applicants with relevant experience will be given priority.

In addition, you will also need to create keyframe animations, especially for the main characters.

Because you need to lead an animation team, you need to have good leadership skills and be able to give constructive feedback. You also need to have strong skills and be able to clearly communicate your ideas to team members.

Since our company mainly produces realism, animators with relevant experience will be given priority.


As a level designer you will work with your lead, the creative director, the principal level artist and team members from other departments as animation, scriptwriting, lighting and effects to create highly directed, large immersive game levels.

You are expected to be able to handle and maintain all the technical areas of a level based on the lead level designer’s directions.

You should have experience with at least one game engine / editor and be ready to learn new tools on a regular basis, so you need a fair share of technical skills and understanding.

You should have a strong desire to create a unique, immersive experience for the player and understand that the player is king and must be treated with the greatest respect.

You need to work well with team members from all other departments in the team as you are a central point of assembling the entire game experience.

You should be prepared for changing your work based on lead / player feedback to improve the playability and quality of your level.

Elementary animation

As a junior animator, you will work with the animation team to create animation tasks anywhere in the game, from basic movement, NPC triggered actions, other cinematic animations and facial animations.

There are also motion capture and facial animation integration tasks.

Applicants with proficiency in keyframe production technology, and experience in motion capture will be given priority.

Pay attention to performance skills, for example, you can use motion capture equipment to express the animated expressions you want through your own movements.

Because our company mainly produces realistic character animations, priority will be given to those with relevant work experience.

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